Best-friendsDo you need to ‘edit’ your friends?

Is your mobile directory full of phone numbers of people you don’t really want to talk to?Do you go out with people from work or university more often than your real friends. Do you say yes to invitations because you think you should, not because you want to? If you answered yes to at least two of these questions, then perhaps it’s time to ‘edit your friends’?

Nowadays people tend to spend a lot of time socialising with colleagues at work or classmates at university. The result is that we don’t have enough time to see our real, close friends. As our lives get busier it becomes more important to spend the little free time we have with people we really want to see, people we love and who really love us.

Who are the friends you need to edit? A few years ago I read a book about how to get rid of unnecessary possessions. I said you should ask yourself about each thing you have: Is it useful? Do I really like it? Do I feel better every time I look at it? If the answer is no to any one of those questions, you should throw it away. Maybe we should ask similar questions about our friends.

What kind of friends will you probably need to edit. Sometimes it’s an old friend. Somebody who you used to have a lot in common with, but who, when you meet now, you have very little or nothing to say to. Or it might be a new friend who you get on quite well with, but who is taking up too much of you time. Next time one of these people calls you and suggests a meeting, think, ‘Do I really want to see that person?’and if the answer is no, say no, and make an excuse. That way you’ll have more time to spend with your real friends.

(Adopted from New English File Intermediate, Student’s Book)


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